Not a novice
Trees in urban areas do not only contribute energy and clean the air – they are also a significant wellness factor and, therefore, essential.
We have developed an identification system that grows with the tree – the patented Arbo tag – because it is more and more important in urban areas to monitor and manage the tree inventories. The tags made of plastic have a star-shaped perforation:
the bark simply pushes the marker tag with advancing growth further outward in the direction of the pin end.


Fastening technology

The practical equipment kit contains a weft hammer, tags magazine and carrying bag for tags and pins. The especially long handle on the hammer allows for the tags to be fastened beyond a height of 2.5 m – so that the tags cannot be removed by unauthorised persons.



Our Arbo tags are comparatively inexpensive. Coloured black or white, numbered consecutively or provided with an individual text, they guarantee you with secure monitoring of the urban tree inventory.

You find further information and technical details in the following PDF.

pdf_iconUrban Forest Line (PDF, 325 KB)